About me

I am at home in beautiful Upper Bavaria south of Munich. Since my youth I have loved to be outdoors in nature. Bad weather was never an issue for me. At home, I shared my wonderful experiences and tried to infect with my enthusiasm. Of course, this works all the better if you can bring receipts.
So I tried to capture my impressions in pictures early on - first on celluloid and slide projector, later digital and streaming on the TV.
I am enthusiastic about all areas in nature, whether landscape, plants or animals of any kind.
My newest passion are the stars in the night sky. It all started with taking pictures of the Nightscapes with the Milky Way and creating Timelapse Movies that show how it ran across the night sky. In the meantime I ended up with the so-called Deep Sky objects and try to put distant Galaxies, Star Clusters and Asterisms and Astronomic Nebulae into the picture.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.